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Usually, when you attend a birthday party, you expect to bring a gift, not receive one. But that’s exactly what happened to Theresa Deliberto, founder of Cupcake Cuties. Theresa received the gift of a lifetime after picking up her daughter from a birthday party.

“I arrived in time for the cake to be served,” recalls Theresa, who prior to entering the world of cupcakes owned a printing business and a certified care management company for seniors. “But they weren’t serving a great big birthday cake like you’d normally expect. Instead there were cupcakes –cupcakes decorated to look exactly like tubs of popcorn to go with the party’s Hollywood theme.”

Like all the other guests, Theresa was impressed. As a successful businesswoman, she was also intrigued. If she and her fellow guests were so captivated by these decorated cupcakes, wouldn’t others be?

Nevertheless, as beguiled as she was by the idea, Theresa filed the idea away in the back of her mind…until fate intervened, in the form of an invitation to a wedding.

“Yes, you guessed it, the bride served cupcakes,” says Theresa. “They were iced beautifully, but they looked unfinished to me. They were…well, the best way to describe them is to say they seemed naked. They were missing the sleeves and decorative elements that I now sensed could turn them from ordinary cupcakes into something truly extraordinary. And what occasion, after all, is more extraordinary than a wedding?”

But, at the same time, Theresa was becoming increasingly convinced that decorated cupcakes did not need to be limited to once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings. Even the most routine function could become amazingly distinctive, if not downright more fun, by serving ‘dressed’ – ie, not naked but designed and decorated – cupcakes. Having friends over for an impromptu barbecue? Serve ‘hamburgers’ for dessert! Seeking a special gift for friends who love sushi? Why not treat them to a platter of California Roll cupcakes? Hosting the Garden Club? Cupcake gardens bloom in shade or sun. Watching the ballgame?  Baseball cupcakes never strike out.

As the holidays came and went – Christmas, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving – Theresa ‘cooked up’ ever more imaginative designs. All won resounding praise, whether her guests were toddlers, teens, or seniors…family members or friends…her children’s classmates or her husband’s colleagues…

“These cupcakes are such cuties!” more than one guest enthused. “You should share them with everyone.”

Flash!  For Theresa, the proverbial light bulb went off, and Cupcake Cuties – easy instructional kits with 24 sleeves, plus all the toppings necessary to create the design– was launched. Now your guests, too, will be delighted. Now, they’ll rave that your cupcakes are “cuties!” Just open the distinctive pink and black box…and watch your ordinary cupcakes become extraordinary….